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How to make gardens bee friendly – online resource: Aussie Bee & the Australian Native Bee Research Centre  book: Australian Native Bees book: Bee Friendly: A planting guide for European honeybees and Australian native pollinators

Composting – what to add and what not to use

Seed collecting, storing and propagating Seeds Fact Sheet

Vegetable growing: A guide for home gardeners in Western Australia Department of Agriculture book Seed Saving Guide for Perth

Herb planting guide for Perth

Worm farms – so many ways to build one! [Information from Garden Drum, Milkwood and Western Earth Carers Program]

Making a worm farm tower for your home garden using a plastic pipe

How to make a worm farm from foam boxes or fridge and for Dog poo disposal

Using a multi-tray worm farm, getting started, how to feed, troubleshooting

Wicking beds [Information from Permaculture West and Gawler Regional NRC]

What is a wicking bed and why use one?

Make a wicking bed from a foam box


Useful Sites

Permaculture West

Australian City Farm and Community Gardens Network

The Green Life Soil Co.